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About Us

We’re a rather large system, so here’s a breakdown in alphabetical order:

Alexis: female, adult, persecutor.
Amanda: female, teen, emotional protector.
Ashley: female, teen, cleaner.
Anger: male, age unknown, emotional protector (non-human: darkkin).
Bad Man: male, adult, introject.
Blaine: female, adult, child protector/carer.
(The) Blind One: female, child, abused.
Camille: female, adult, system organiser (formerly known as NP).
Charlotte: female, little, childhood host/fronter.
Christine: female, teen, story-teller/child carer.
Cindy: female, adult, parent.
Cory: male, teenager, unsure of system role.
Delilah: female, adult, sexual.
Elizabeth: female, teenager, teenage host/fronter.
Emersun: female, adult, physical protector.
(The) Guardian: genderless, ageless, gatekeeper.
Jessica: female, adult, host/fronter.
Lisa: female, adult, silence-keeper/enforcer.
Little Miss OCD/Cat: female, child, system organiser.
Malice: female, age unknown, emotional protector (non-human: darkkin).
Mark: male, adult, handyman.
Michelle: female, adult, persecutor (possibly an introject).
Natasha: female, child, body carer.
Nym: female, adult, sexual.
Phoenix: female, adult, protector.
Queen Bitch: female, adult, persecutor protector.
Sally-Ursa: female, child, abused little.
Sarah: female, teen, mental protector.
Shadow: female, child, abused.
Siberia: female, adult, protector (non-human: tiger)
Silent: female, child, abused (non-human: part child, part wolf cub).
Stephanie: female, adult, introject.
Wheels: female, adult, deals with body when we’re very ill.

This is the Christmas card we made for last year, shows everyone from Sub-system 1: