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My fucking therapist told me she’d report me to family services if I kept switching, after meeting Sally-Ursa - one of the sweetest, kindest and smartest Insiders we have!

^let me just agree with that, because we adore Sally-Ursa and think she is so sweet and kind and lovely ♥

and yeah. you know, we have some alters who could get a little dangerous. but like…in self-defense. you know, as in if you try to fuck us up and beat the shit out of us, i won’t just freeze there and take it, someone will come out and defend us. or like…defend innocents. i can’t see that as a bad thing. we aren’t a danger to anyone. we have some lovely, wonderful people inside who are very sweet and kind and gentle. ♥

^Exactly. I do have some flipping scary Insiders. They’ll pull out all stops if someone threatens us, or my husband, or our child, or any of our friends. But they don’t hurt outsiders without good reason.

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