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i’m not otherkin. not even slightly. i have a few otherkin Insiders sharing this head with me, but i’m not one of them.

anyway. i’m seeing a lot about a ‘kin space. and i don’t get why people are bagging the idea at all. at my local community centre, there are meetups for a whole bunch of different groups of people - teen mums, teen dads, teenagers in general, youth, skater kids, bmx kids, the mentally ill (and there are some groups for specific mental illnesses), the native kids, all sorts of stuff. so why is anyone debating it being okay for ‘kin to have their own space, their own place to be around others that have something in common with them?

  1. jarandhel answered: No one’s said kin aren’t allowed to meet up together. What’s been said is that a community center may not be the best way to do it.
  2. sylvereapleanan answered: The best bet would probably be to find a city with an urban revitalization project already underway & that focuses on sustainable living
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    So what? All dreams start with nothing. Not doing anything illegal is important and that’s one thing I definitely saw...
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    Well, thing is, they *don’t* want to arrange meetups at an existing community center that they would share with other...
  5. spinecrawlerrush answered: the objections are just really reactionist and irrational, don’t worry about it too much
  6. ashenrein answered: There is actually an otherkin meetup at my local college, too. I’unno some people are just silly about stuff.