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My alphabet beads arrived :D


Wooo!! I can go back into production! 

So for all those who haven’t been around to know about my beading project, let me fill you in a little…

These bracelets are for those who are battling PTSD, depression, anxiety, body-eating disorders, self-harm, D.I.D, Dissociation or any other mental disorder. These bracelets will feature words on it like ‘strength’, ‘pride’, ‘courage’, ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘believe’ or any other word that will support you in a time of weakness. 

I will be making an Etsy account to advertise them on. There will only be a couple of dollars each as I don’t want to make any kind of profit but I will need to be able to able to restock my beads and wire so that I can continue. If it gets more popular then I would like to start a charity.

“I’ve thought of a cool like charity plan that I’d love to organize. You see, in Australia, the government used to allow 16 free psychology sessions per year for those who can’t afford them and that used to barely stretch and keep me calm.  My mother has looked all over, from organization to organization and only few have been able to help us. I would love to have a little organization that could help pay for more therapy sessions because it seems that the government doesn’t understand how crippling a mental illness is. It’s like having a broken leg and be told to run. My hopes are to earn enough from donations from little things that I’ll come up with to help out kids thatneed therapy but might have no means of paying for it because I know how much therapy has saved me and to be told that we can’t have anymore because we don’t have the money for it is a very difficult situation.”

Is there anyone who’s interested?

When you get your etsy up, pls tell me!

(Source: survivingptsd)