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Fan Poetry: One Ill, Two Ills, Red Pills, Blue Pills.


confessions-of-a-redhead submitted:

All of your poems and nursery rhymes inspired me to write a Dr. Suess poem of sorts. This is done from memory. (My mom used to read all of the Dr. Suess books to me, and I can still recite most of them.) It’s a rather lengthy fan poem, so bring a snack. I hope you enjoy! Anyway, here goes.

Cranquis’ Note: What follows is a tour de force of poetry, parody, and astounding recall of previous posts from this blog. I am flabbergasted, amazed, and dumbfounded. In humble appreciation of your skill, c-o-a-redhead, I officially dub thee with your Cranquisnym of Honor: Official Cranquis Poet Hugh Laureate. I just may have to get you to write my whole FAQ in rhyme too! :)

Now sit back and enjoy this epic thing (links added in post-production by Cranquis).

One ill, two ills, red pills, blue pills.

Black pills, blue pills, old pills, new pills.

Say, what alot of pills there are!

Yes, some are red and some are blue,

Some are old and some are new.

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